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Heartland Home Solutions Top Choices for Residential and Commercial Insulation

At Heartland Home Solutions, our professional installation is made even better by using New Zealand’s best insulation products in ceilings, internal walls, external walls and underfloor.

From sizeable new build projects to small-scale retrofits, our insulation experts can design a package to suit your property and fit your budget. We install a wide range of industry-standard insulation products.

Mammoth Insulation

Mammoth Insulation is New Zealand-made. These world-class products for commercial and residential use include insulation blankets, rolls and panels for walls, ceilings and underfloor. Mammoth’s fully recyclable insulation is 100% polyester, including materials from recycled plastic bottles. To boost these environmentally friendly credentials, all materials are Red List Free, i.e. the range is free of harmful materials, chemicals and other elements that can pose a risk to human health and the environment.

Pink Batts

Pink Batts is an iconic New Zealand-made brand. This glasswool insulation product is light, flexible, and developed using 80% recycled New Zealand glass. Pink Batts provide highly effective thermal and acoustic insulation in ceilings, walls and floors in new and existing properties. For walls and internal roofs, we install Pink Batts Classic Insulation to meet thermal performance standards stipulated by the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) and Pink Batts Ultra Insulation, which exceeds NZBC requirements. For noise reduction, we recommend Pink Batts Silencer Acoustic Insulation for internal walls and mid-floors. For underfloor insulation, Pink Batts SnugFloor reduces heat loss in buildings with suspended timber flooring.

Knauf Earthwool

Knauf Earthwool manufactures world-leading insulation for roofs, ceilings, walls and underfloor. We install a wide range of residential and commercial glasswool insulation for roofs and ceilings from 55mm to 250mm thick. There are several outstanding Knauf insulation solutions for internal and external walls ranging from 50mm to 140mm in thickness. For underfloor insulation, we supply Earthwool’s Quilted Underfloor Batt, which increases thermal comfort and boosts energy efficiency all year round.

Bradford Gold

​Bradford Gold’s insulation products come with a lifetime warranty and an array of options suitable for thermally and acoustically insulating ceilings, walls and floors. For walls and roofing, Bradford Gold meets the highest New Zealand standards, while the Bradford Gold glasswool blanket suits a range of applications. For ceilings, Bradford Gold ceiling insulation retains heat as it rises, and for noise reduction, Bradford Gold acoustic insulation is ideal for internal walls and mid-floors. For underfloor insulation, we suggest Bradford’s Optimo Underfloor insulation to reduce heat loss and eliminate draughts in properties with suspended timber flooring.

Expol Poly Slabs

​Expol is entirely New Zealand-owned and operated, with all their insulation products made right here. Their innovative Poly Slabs provide exceptional polystyrene insulation, especially for underfloors. We recommend Expol’s R1.4 White Underfloor Insulation for standard residential environments, but for extreme weather conditions, insist on Expol’s R1.8 Black Underfloor Insulation. These Poly Slabs are a wise choice for many reasons, e.g. they’re hard-wearing, flame retardant, vermin and moisture resistant.

Our insulation installers have the experience and knowledge to help you select insulation that best fits your property, project, or budget. To discuss your specific requirements.

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