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A Leading Installer of New Build Insulation in New Zealand’s South Island

Heartland Home Solutions keeps the South Island cosy and comfortable by installing residential and commercial insulation for ceilings, walls and floors in new build properties. Our experienced insulation installation team partners with property developers and building contractors across the South Island to deliver top-quality insulation for small-scale single homes and large-scale property developments in Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Greymouth and beyond.

Heartland’s Retrofit Insulation Options Include:

New Build Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation in new homes will minimise heat loss and create stable temperatures throughout the year. Our ceiling insulation products include world-famous brands like Mammoth, Bradford Gold, Pink Batts and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

New Build Internal Wall Insulation

When installed in new build houses, internal wall insulation enhances temperature stability, reduces noise throughout the home, and lowers electricity bills. Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, Mammoth and Knauf’s Earthwool manufacture our wall insulation products, which are expertly installed by our team.

New Build External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation for new build properties maintains stable temperatures, creating a warmer and healthier home. Our insulation for exterior walls also minimises noise and decreases electricity costs, even during the coldest winters. We use only the best products for external wall insulation on new builds, such as Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, Mammoth and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

New Build Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation in your new build will combine with ceiling insulation to retain heat and control the temperature throughout the year while eliminating moisture over the long term to protect your floorboards and the rest of your property. We have a complete range of new build underfloor insulation products, including rolls from Mammoth, Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool. Plus, we install polystyrene underfloor insulation that suits new build properties very well. This includes Expol’s R1.8 Black underfloor insulation for extreme environments, while Expol’s R1.4 White underfloor insulation is a good choice for residential home environments.

Black Polythene Protective Underfloor Layering for New Builds

With black polythene underfloor layers in your new build, you’ll create an underlay of waterproof protection separating the moisture-rich ground from your home’s foundations, underfloor insulation and elevated timber floorboards. Consider it as an added layer of protection under your floors.

Benefits of Heartland Home Solution’s New Build Insulation Services

Comprehensive Project Consultations

Our experienced insulation team will identify the best products for various structures, locations and budgets during a comprehensive project consultation. By offering flexible timeframes, we can align with project requirements (and other contractors) to ensure a timely installation of our insulation. Plus, our administrators can submit a proposal for any tendering process across the South Island.

Full Adherence to New Zealand's Healthy Home Standards

Our ceiling and underfloor insulation meet the 2008 Building Code Insulation Standard and Healthy Home requirements. Our new build ceiling insulation has a thickness of at least 120mm, while the underfloor insulation is at least 75mm thick. For added protection, you can invest in a protective layer of black polythene between the ground and the floorboards. Our installation of fully compliant insulation is a service offered South Island-wide.

Unbeatable Customer Service

We’re committed to giving you exceptional customer service, from the first consultation to the completion of the installation. Our insulation installation contractors communicate with project managers, site managers and other parties. This helps our team deliver to the agreed plan while exceeding expectations. Our insulation professionals will do all this in new build homes and construction projects from Invercargill to Wanaka, Timaru to Christchurch, throughout the West Coast of the South Island and surrounding areas.

Here’s Why Heartland Home Insulation Is Best for New Build Projects:

Heartland Home Solutions is the smart choice for new build insulation across Southland, Otago, South Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, Canterbury and the West Coast. That’s because we offer:
●     On-time and efficient new build insulation for building contractors
●     A professional and experienced new build installation team
●     Hassle-free and high-speed delivery from start to finish


To benefit from a top-quality insulation installation for any new build or commercial property, call us on 027 445 1088 or email

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