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The South Island’s Leading Installer Of Retrofit Insulation

Throughout the South Island, people recognise Heartland Home Solutions as a leading provider of retrofit insulation services. We specialise in retrofitting ceiling and underfloor insulation in residential and commercial properties in Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Greymouth and beyond. Our services suit any size project and budget, from an average family home to a commercial property redevelopment.

Heartland’s Retrofit Insulation Options Include:

Foil Removal

Essential for Compliant Insulation Retrofits

Complete foil removal is essential for most retrofit insulation projects due to the electrocution risk posed by outdated foil. Since 2004, bulk insulation has been recommended as the only approved product that meets the New Zealand Building Code’s (NZBC) standards for compliance. Our experienced team will safely remove all outdated foil insulation before installing new and improved bulk insulation.

Ceiling Insulation for Retrofit Projects

Retrofit ceiling insulation retains heat as warm air rises and maintains constant and comfortable home temperatures all year round. At the same time, it lowers monthly power bills for the whole property. We supply and install fit-for-purpose ceiling insulation products from Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, Mammoth and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

Underfloor Insulation for Retrofit Projects

Retrofit underfloor insulation retains heat and stabilises temperature within your home while reducing energy consumption at the same time. As well as all this, our high-quality underfloor insulation further protects your home’s floorboards from moisture absorption. We install products suitable for underfloor insulation, including rolls, batts and quilts from Mammoth, Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

​Heartland Home Solutions combine professional installation and high-quality products for retrofit insulation, including:

  • Mammoth Insulation – 100% polyester insulation, made in New Zealand
  • Pink Batts Insulation – New Zealand-made glasswool insulation consisting of 80% recycled N.Z. glass
  • Bradford Gold – Glasswool insulation meeting the highest New Zealand standards
  • Knauf Earthwool – World-leading glasswool insulation designed for all purposes
Benefits of Heartland Home Solution’s Retrofit Insulation Services

Fully complies with New Zealand's Healthy Home Standards

Our ceiling and underfloor insulation exceed New Zealand standards outlined in the 2008 Building Code. Our retrofit ceiling insulation is at least 120mm thick, while the minimum thickness of our underfloor insulation is 75mm. In addition, we assess outdated foil to ensure your newly renovated property can meet the current New Zealand Building Codes.

Increased Liveability and Added Value for Retrofit Properties

High-quality insulation is the modern way to warm a period home. Our retrofit insulation services deliver the most cost-effective and efficient heat conservation in properties of all sizes, including large weatherboard character homes. Our retrofit insulation services increase the comfort and market value of any property throughout the South Island.

Safe Foil Removal from an Experienced Insulation Team

Foil is now considered an obsolete (and dangerous) insulation product in most New Zealand homes and businesses. It can cause electrocution when exposed to electrical wiring, a risk we want to eliminate. In many retrofit insulation projects, foil removal is now necessary to comply with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). In rare cases, foil may remain in the home if it is fully sealed, but this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our insulation experts can safely evaluate, remove and replace foil if needed.

Heartland Home Solutions is an obvious choice for retrofit insulation in Otago, Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury. Here’s why:
●     Safe and timely removal of dangerous and outdated foil insulation
●     Professional and efficient retrofit insulation services
●     All work carried out by an experienced installation team
●     Hassle-free retrofit insulation installation from start-to-finish


For retrofit insulation installations for your residential, or commercial property, call us on 027 445 1088 or email

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  • Remove old and sub-standard insulation and foil