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The South Island’s First Choice for Farm Accommodation Insulation

Heartland Home Solutions is often the first choice for South Island rural property owners needing effective insulation for floors, walls, ceilings and garage doors. Our insulation installation company offers a variety of solutions to suit properties and budgets of any size across Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and the lower South Island. Our rural insulation services extend from small-scale single garages to extensive multi-property farm insulation. Along with our top-notch insulation products, we provide unrivalled customer service and affordable pricing for rural property owners from Invercargill to Dunedin, Wanaka to Timaru, Christchurch to Greymouth, throughout the South Island’s West Coast and surrounding areas.

Heartland’s Retrofit Insulation Options Include:

Foil Removal

Now considered a MUST for compliant insulation retrofits

At existing farm accommodation, it is often necessary to remove old foil insulation before we can complete a safe retrofit insulation project. Since 2004, bulk insulation has been the standard for full compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. On the other hand, we must remove foil (in most cases) due to its electrocution risk. Our experienced team will safely remove outdated foil insulation out of existing properties looking to meet national standards.

Farm Accommodation Ceiling Insulation

We install ceiling insulation for retrofit projects on existing rural properties and in new farm buildings. Ceiling insulation is highly effective at retaining heat in rural properties while reducing annual electricity bills. Heartland Home Solutions supplies a superb range of ceiling insulation products for rural properties, including famous brands like Mammoth, Bradford Gold, Pink Batts and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

Garage Door Insulation for Sheds, Workshops, Farms and Rural Properties

Insulation in garage doors stabilises in-home temperatures where there are attached garages or decreases the heat loss in detached garages, sheds and workshops with garage doors. Good insulation can reduce electricity bills throughout the property and increase comfort in the harsh winter weather we associate with rural living. We install products ideally suited for garage door insulation, such as Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, Mammoth and Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool.

Underfloor Insulation for Farm Accommodation

Underfloor insulation in farm accommodation promotes heat retention and temperature stability year-round while reducing electricity bills over the long term. In addition, our underfloor insulation further protects the property’s floorboards from moisture absorption, a significant advantage in rural settings. Our underfloor insulation products, including rolls, batts and quilts, are manufactured by Mammoth, Bradford Gold, Pink Batts, and Knauf’s Earthwool.

In addition, we offer durable and highly effective polystyrene underfloor insulation, which is particularly good for new floors. Our preferred products include Expol’s R1.8 Black Underfloor Insulation, designed for extreme environments, while Expol’s R1.4 White Underfloor Insulation is appropriate for normal residential conditions.

Benefits of Heartland Home Solution’s Farm Accommodation Insulation Services

Full Compliance with New Zealand's Healthy Home Standards

Heartland’s ceiling and underfloor insulation products adhere to the standards set out in New Zealand’s 2008 Building Code. Our ceiling insulation measures a minimum of 120mm thick, and our underfloor insulation has a thickness of at least 75mm. For new floors in properties subject to extreme weather, we highly recommend Expol’s R1.8 Black Underfloor Insulation. This product is manufactured and installed to stand up to the South Island’s harshest weather.

Heat Retention and Noise Reduction in Rural Buildings

Our farm accommodation insulation is the most efficient and cost-effective way to conserve heat and reduce noise, even when things get cold (and loud!). Our complete range of acoustic treatments enhances the quality of living in small or large dwellings as well as multi-story properties for farmers and rural property owners throughout New Zealand’s South Island.

Understanding Farmers and Farms:

The team at Heartland Home Solutions delivers effective insulation solutions for farm owners and rural property owners across the South Island. We understand the unique requirements of country residents. We appreciate the importance of robust insulation that suits all rural properties, including sheds, workshops, sleepouts and guest accommodation, e.g., bed and breakfasts and Airbnb units. Our farm accommodation insulation services will increase the liveability and value of your rural property.

Why choose Heartland Home Solutions for Your Farm Accommodation Insulation?

Heartland Home Solutions is the installer of choice for farm accommodation and rural property insulation in Otago, Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury. It comes down to several key reasons:

  • Fast and efficient installation of insulation in rural settings.
  • We understand the unique insulation requirements on farms and other rural properties in cooler regions.
  • Flexibility to work with farmers’ seasonal and scheduling requirements
  • Hassle-free insulation from consultation to installation

If you need insulation for your farm accommodation or rural property across New Zealand’s South Island, call us on 027 445 1088, or email

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