Double Glazing Retrofits

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Achieve a healthier, warmer and more comfortable home with Double Glazing

Retrofit double-glazing is a cost-effective way to achieve a warmer home, by removing the existing glass and frames from your home and replacing it with our aluminum frames and double-glazed glass that effectively insulates your home, without letting in harmful UV rays, or heat.

Pricing and process vary from house to house, dependent on a range of variables like the age and condition of the existing frame/glass, window sizes and more. Our expert team will come to you and provide you with market-leading advice, so you can be confident you’re in good hands.


Get a more comfortable home today, with Heartland and Payright.

Insulate and Double Glaze today, pay later ! With interest free repayment plans to suit all budgets.

What are the perks of Heartland’s Double Glazing?

Energy Savings

Single-pane windows can account for up to 25% of winter heat loss in your home, with further losses from old, leaky frames through draughts. Our aluminum frames are guaranteed to provide an airtight solution to reduce the unnecessary heating bills paid for by Kiwi homes.

Healthier Home

Damp homes full of condensation are a problem for many Kiwi families, the extra moisture is not good for your health, and only makes it harder to keep your home warm. Double-glazing can help reduce the amount of moisture in your home, providing a more healthy space for your family.

Modernise your Home

Old, rickety window frames can make a home look a lot older than it really is. Our range of aluminium frames can be tailored to suit any style of home and help to modernise and freshen up the look of your home.

The Heartland retrofit double glazing service is here to help with your residential or commercial projects

We are the obvious choice for Kiwi’s across the country, heres why:

  • Professional and efficient retrofit double glazing services
  • All work carried out by an experienced team
  • Extensive network of partners and suppliers, giving us exceptional flexibility and quality

For retrofit double glazing installations for your residential, or commercial property, call us on 027 445 1088 or email

All your warming

needs covered

Heartland Insulation Group keeps Kiwi's all over warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and more comfortable all year round.

We are the South Island’s leading insulation and double glazing installer. Based in Geraldine and with thousands of happy customers all over the South Island, we can also put a smile on your face, thanks to New Zealand’s most professional installation and the world’s best insulation and double glazing products.


Stay warm and meet the Healthy Home Standards with Insulation from Heartland

Double Glazing

Protect your home from noise pollution, moisture, heating inefficiency and more with double glazing from Heartland

End-to-end service from consultation to installation of insulation and double glazing

Whether it's a big project or a smaller job, we always find the best insulation solution for every home and business. Our insulation and double glazing enhance heat conservation and temperature control throughout the year. A big bonus with double glazing, too – a quieter home.

  • Retrofit insulation for ceilings, walls and underfloor.
  • Insulation and double glazing for existing homes and new builds.
  • Remove old and sub-standard insulation and foil