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Did you know that Heartland now installs double glazed windows and double glazed doors NZ? Double glazing is a great way to help reduce noise from the outside world, as well as adding extra warmth to your home, lessening condensation, and lowering your power bills. With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you want to fit double glazing onto your doors and double glazing windows. NZ wide we can find the most cost effective solutions, whether you’re building new or require a retrofit. Give our team a call today on 027 445 1088, and discover why we are the leaders in double glazing NZ.


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The Heartland team consists of a diverse range of people, each with their own unique set of skills and experience. We work hard, together as a team, to achieve the best quality and most efficient product.

Benefits of a Heartland Double Glazing Package

With around 40% of heat lost through single-glazed windows, is it any wonder your home is so cold during a harsh South Island winter? Retrofitted double glazing will make a huge difference. It acts as an insulating layer in two ways; it retains heat inside the home while stopping cold air outside the house from coming in. It works like the traditional insulation we install in ceilings, walls and under floors.

At the same time, double glazing dramatically reduces condensation. Waking up to wet windows on the inside is not just alarming but also a threat to your family’s wellbeing. It’s a sign that the rest of your home has excessive moisture in the air, which can promote excessive mould and mildew growth. Left unchecked, this can cause various health issues, from coughs and colds to severe cardiac or respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Double glazing goes a long way to drying out your home and making it a far healthier place to live.

Like our insulation, double glazing is a wise investment. It’s a one-off cost that will pay rich dividends for many years. You’ll notice this when you look at your lower monthly power bills. Double glazing retains heat in winter to keep your home warm, and in summer, it cools things down by stopping hot air from entering your home. As a result, you minimise your reliance on electric heating and cooling devices, which is reflected in decreased energy costs.

With the rising cost of living being such an issue in New Zealand right now, it’s good to know that you can save substantial amounts of money on your power bills through new build and retrofit double glazing, as well as other forms of insulation.

Double glazing has long been associated with noise reduction. It’s a simple yet effective method to lower the volume of the outside world, including noisy neighbours, traffic, aircraft, construction, trains and other sources.

Double glazing absorbs more sound energy than a single glazed window, with the gap between the two panes acting as a buffering zone that traps sound. Some studies estimate that this can reduce external noise by up to 60% and create a quiet and peaceful home interior. It could also make for a healthier home. The World Health Organisation found that prolonged exposure to excessive noise can be linked to stress, sleep and even conditions like cardiovascular disease. Double glazing could be just what the doctor ordered by lessening noise and improving your mental and physical wellbeing.


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Double Glazing Retrofits

One of the most common questions we get asked is if double glazing can be added to existing homes and businesses. And the answer is absolutely! Here at Heartland, we are experts when it comes to retrofitting double glazing on doors and double glazing windows. NZ customers will discover that it’s much easier than you may think! If you have aluminium or wooden frames, we can add the double glazing to those. Alternatively, if you are happy to replace your old windows and doors with double glazed windows and double glazed doors, NZ wide, we offer a fantastic selection of styles and materials that look great on any building.

Why You’ll Love Double Glazing NZ!

Double glazing your doors and windows is one of the easiest ways you can increase the comfort in your home or business by keeping the warmth in during the cooler months and therefore significantly lowering your power bills. And if you live on a noisy street, double glazing can help to reduce the noise so you can enjoy more peace and quiet.

Making You More Comfortable

For your complete satisfaction, all of our double glazing products come with an industry-leading warranty, are great value for money, and you can double glaze today with up to 60 months interest free repayment plans. With products to suit all budgets, you can find out more about getting double glazed windows and double glazed doors NZ, by contacting us today.
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